Our Approved Partners


Our approved partners are experienced digital agencies who are qualified to implement the recommendations provided on our website review reports.

Global or Local

You can get work from clients who are in your own country or leverage the use of digital tools and decide to work with clients in different regions. It's your choice!


We go through a detailed process to on-board any new partners. We do this to guarantee that you'll be able to provide quality services at competitive costs.


Clients may contact different partners to assess costs and capabilities, and make an informed decision to choose one that fits best with their budget and digital aspiration.

What next?

Complete the form and one of our on-boarding specialists will get in touch with you.

Agree to our partner terms and conditions by signing a contract online.

Pay attention to new leads! You will get new clients asking for quotes. Be quick responding.

Display the Digital Certification Partners logo on your website and get all the associated benefits.

Benefits To You

As we work to improve the digital world, we seek to work with the best digital agencies around the globe.

We'll send work your way, and expect you to: Be Innovative. Be Secure. Be Transparent.

We only want to work with companies that truly believe that business should be done with transparency. This is why we have created a model where our customers will request quotes from you prior engaging on any work. It's your decision to make if you want to invest in creating a long-term relationship with a new customer or not, we only ask you treat them fairly at all times.

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