Website Review Sample Report

The primary objective of our work is to help you identify issues, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement on your websites. The report you will receive in PDF format contains all our findings and incorporates suitable recommendations for improvement.


1- Introduction

The introduction talks a little about how to use the report and what to do next. It starts by giving you a brief overview about the work done, as well as providing you with a high level summary that includes the total number of issues identified.

2- Our Findings

We draft the issues found in business language so that a non-technical person can understand them. A detailed recommendation is provided alongside any issues, to assist with resolving them. Recommendations may be a bit more technical, which is why we suggest reviewing the report with a specialist.

Finally, we also provide indicative business benefits that can be achieved from implementing our recommendations.

We categorize our findings based on their impact to your visitors, your company or brands: high, medium or low impact.

3- Conclusion

Websites are rated depending on the number and severity of the issues identified during the review. The criteria for rating sites is defined by us, an independent organization.