The Future Of The Internet HTTP/2

The Web is about to get a whole lot faster, as website owners start to implement the HTTP/2 protocol.

HTTP/1.1 served us well for more than fifteen years, but its age was starting to show. A large number of people were involved in making the HTTP/2 protocol a reality, which is fundamental to the success of the digital world. Engineers from Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Twitter, Microsoft’s HTTP stack, Curl and Akamai, among others.

If you want to read about the technical benefits, click here.

You will not need to change your websites to ensure they continue to work properly. Not only will your site work without having to change it, but it will also perform better and consume fewer resources on both client and server.

HTTP/2 is backwards-compatible with HTTP/1.1, so it would be possible to ignore it completely and everything will continue to work as before. The protocol change is completely transparent to users.

However, many of the things you think of as being best practices can be detrimental to performance under HTTP/2, for example, turning images into sprites will no longer be a good practice.

Ilya Grigorik has created a great slide deck with information on some of the points we mention.

At Digital Certification we will strongly advocate for websites to move to the HTTP/2 protocol as soon as possible. A faster Web is a better Web. For everyone.