Symantec offers free SSL certificates

Symantec's Encryption Everywhere program aims to see all web sites and their users protected by SSL by 2018.

SSL is an essential component of a secure Internet. You've already seen it when you log-on to websites such as your online banking. SSL helps establish a secure link between the website that you're visiting and your browser. This encrypted link ensures that anything you do on that website remains private and safe from monitoring and tampering.

Symantec's Encryption Everywhere Program enables authorized partners the ability to offer DV certs for free. They have initially partnered with WHMCS and cPanel to hand out domain-validated TLS/SSL certificates for free. This essentially means that hosting companies could instantly benefit from offering a premium service to their existing customers at no cost.

"We'd like to see broader base encryption utilised across the world, across the internet. Whether it's ours or somebody else's, we'd like to see it adopted because it will make the internet a safer place, free from prying eyes," Nick Savvides, Symantec APAC cybersecurity strategy manager said.

Originally StartSSL announced free DV certs for non-commercial purposes, then Heroku and CloudFlare announced free commercial use, and finally - but most significantly - Let's Encrypt.

Symantec is the first major Certification Authority to join the party. It's never too late when the matter is this important.

Symantec estimates that 97% of websites have no basic security.

We hope businesses and webmasters make use of free SSL certificates to protect their online visitors. On all our website reviews we make our clients aware of the importance of SSL on their websites. Today there's no longer an excuse not to become SSL By Default.

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