Our Vision

We believe in a better Internet.

We'd like to see how all websites deliver a great digital experience to every visitor, regardless of their Internet connection speed, device or geographic location.

Despite a proliferation in the number of mobile applications, for the vast majority of businesses their website is still and will remain for the foreseeable future, the primary digital marketing channel. For consumers, it is their first point of call and in business, first impressions count.

At Digital Certification our job is to assign an independent rating to websites, to help businesses and website owners improve. Through extensive research, we've identified what 'good' looks like in the digital world, and we check websites against a proprietary framework.

For example, we advocate for websites to be SSL By Default. Mobile-friendly sites are a must in today's day and age. Also, having fast-loading website is no longer an optional feature.

Once we've completed our checks, we prepare a report with the results of our work, and send you an official certificate confirming the rating assigned to your website.

What is a Digital Certification Rating?

The rating is provides an independent opinion on your website. It also acts as a trust mark in the eyes of consumers, as it demonstrates that a website's quality has been independently verified.

When rating websites, we take into consideration the number and severity of issues we find during our checks.

Additionally, we verify sites against the Digital 2020 roadmap.

We encourage our customers to meet or exceed the 2020 milestones, as these are bare minimum requirements websites should comply with in order to be up to date with today's digital environment.

In summary, obtaining a Digital Certification Rating is something suited to any business or website. As our rating gets implemented further, we hope it becomes a catalyst for change.

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