Most Websites Owned by Fortune 500 Companies Have Errors

In this day and age, having an error-free website is critical to avoid disrupting or even alienating your customers.

Your site may have a pretty design, well written and shareable content. But how about its optimization?

Together with the Digital Research Institute, we performed a comprehensive assessment of all Fortune 500 websites over the past year. Our findings will be shared in a report in the coming months, but we were impressed by the sheer volume of issues most websites had.

Some of the errors we found were very quite basic, for example, numerous websites are not optimized for mobile visitors, lack SSL certificates by default, and have noticeable errors visible in the browser inspector.

It seems like most large organizations suffer from the same problem: they have to leverage the expertise of third-party agencies to build websites for them. These vendors are typically marketing companies who do website design as an add-on to other more generic services. After all, websites are a niche and specialized area that requires of specialized technical talent.

If you’re in business, you’re likely to have a website – a shop window for your products or services. You may have a pretty design and have thought long and hard about the wording, but how well is it working for you to attract contacts and drive sales if it's not error-free?

Of the Fortune 500 list, the majority of issues were found in websites owned by companies located in USA, Japan, China and Canada.

As we roll out the Digital Certification globally, we will be working with these companies to help them address these issues, so we can gradually improve the Internet for everyone.