How Digital Is Your Country?

Telefonica just launched its Index on Digital Life, a weighty piece of research mapping out where 34 countries stand in terms of offering their citizens a good digital life.

We all know that our lives are becoming more digital by the day.

We can see it with our own eyes: We order an Uber and do our banking via an app, share our lives on Instagram and book hospital appointments online.

But this is all anecdotal – there’s not yet been a good way to understand the extent to which our lives are becoming digitalized, and what the implications of this digitization might be.

Until now.

The Index on Digital Life by Telefonica was created with world-leading scholars, who are acclaimed for their peer-reviewed methodology and work in the field of entrepreneurship.

The Index measures how different countries and their citizens are progressing towards a Digital Economy and a Digital Society, which can be referred to jointly as Digital Life. The Index specifically explores this progression, in 34 countries worldwide.

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