Case Studies And Success Stories

There are measurable benefits when implementing our recommendations.

In this day an age, we believe that any website investments should have a quantifiable ROI, this is, you should get something tangible in return of spending any money on your website.

At Digital Certification we don't stop at finding website issues during our review, but we also give our customers detailed recommendations in business language so they can implement the relevant changes on their respective websites.

These are some of the comments we've received from satisfied customers:

Thanks, you provided a fresh set of eyes on the website and very decent recommendations.

Our search ranking improved a lot since we implemented all the changes.

We have seen an increase in the number of return visitors to our website, which has translated in more sales.

We also take pride in having a global network of partners ready to work with our customers at any time. These are hand-picked digital agencies who have the relevant skills and experience to handle any web development requirements any business may have.

Some of our customers have their own technical and web development teams in-house, specially we look at some of the large corporations we work with. To this end, we have created a case study around a particular customer of ours that in 2015 had revenues in excess of US$700 million. We identified a number of serious issues on one of their primary customer-facing websites, that could have resulted in a significant fine and potentially an impact to their company reputation and overall brand. Our team identified and reported the issues, which were remediated immediately.

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